Ups & Downs

What am I going to write about now? I’ve been asking myself for weeks.
Shortly after we were able to move into our apartment, the strict lockdown started in Pattaya and several other places. Supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. are still open, but everything else is closed. Even the beach is closed. We have a curfew and you are required to wear a mask when leaving your home.
The infection rates are rising enormously and the hospitals can no longer handle the influx of patients.
The big difference with the Netherlands is that Thailand shows everything on screen. People screaming for medical help and then dropping dead on the street are fully featured in the news.
I feel sorry for the people of Thailand and I find it very intense what is happening right now. I notice that the atmosphere in our city is oppressive and that affects all of us, including me.

An acquaintance, Arlette, recommended the book ‘the Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’. It is a short story with many drawings. After reading this book I find myself getting emotional.
Quote from the book: ‘How do swans manage to look so calm?’ the boy asked.
“Below the surface, meanwhile, there’s a lot of paddling going on,” said the horse.

I feel like the swan. I keep paddling, keep smiling, but there’s really nothing to laugh about. I’m in a country I don’t know well and I don’t have the opportunity to get to know it yet. I find it difficult to find my way in this situation. I like to do and discover, but you are forced to stay at home, alone, and that is not something that suits me. I miss my family, friends and Nacho and start to cry.

Quote from the book: “Tears never fall for no reason and they are your strength, not your weakness.”

“What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever said?” the boy asked.
“Help,” the horse replied.
“Asking for help doesn’t mean giving up,” the horse said. “It means you refuse to give up.”
“What do we do when our heart hurts?” the boy asked.
“Then we wrap it in friendship, shared tears and time, until it wakes up cheerful and full of hope,” the horse said.

And that’s what I did, asking for help and sharing my tears. Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned, but I know it’s going to be okay. Not feeling okay is also okay, we just don’t share that enough. This book is GOLD!

In these difficult times it is important to help each other. People are handing out food to those in need and even the street dogs are not forgotten. Lodewijk and I have chosen our own foundation and donated food. We chose the Glory Hut Foundation. The Glory Hut Foundation provides temporary care for HIV/AIDS infected patients lasting between 3 and 6 months and works to help patients whose immune systems are particularly weak and need treatment in order to return to their communities. Its facility provides shelter, food, and transportation to hospitals and other facilities that offer activities to stimulate both the physical and mental health of patients in order to help those patients to live a happy and full life. together.

And as soon as foundations can open again for volunteers, I hope to be able to make my contribution

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