Pluak Daeng

Once we arrived on the mainland from Koh Samet it was my turn to drive in Thailand. Not an ordinary car but a pickup car, The Ford Raptor! Oh wow, I feel so small in this car haha.
I’ve ridden in Thailand before, but that was in 2013 on a motorbike. I thought it was very exciting to drive such a big car, so I was a bit nervous. Important note for myself: Drive on the left side here! I am used to driving on the right side ;).
Lucky for me I have the best co-driver sitting next to me in the car, so I feel confident enough to drive this one hour route to our hotel in Pluak Daeng.
In The Netherlands we often find an hour’s drive too long, but these are relatively ‘short distances’ here. We just have to get use to it.

Once arrived at the Platinum Hotel in Pluak Daeng, my first ‘free’ week in Thailand will begin. In the morning Lodewijk went to work and I had the time to explore the neighborhood. We had a pile of laundry and we can’t wash in the hotel, so I went looking for a laundry service.
I soon find out that there is no laundry service nearby. Actually, I don’t see any stores or anything similar at all in the area. I find out that the first laundry is a 20 minute drive away from the hotel. There should be another option more close?
I remember learning in Thai, ‘I’d like to wash my clothes?’ So I’m going to ask the ladies at the hotel reception. I see the lady who speaks English is also working so I decided to ask my question in English. I chose the easy way ;). She refers me to an apartment complex behind the hotel.
Once there I see three washing machines near an apartment. The door to the apartment is open, but I don’t see anyone. I decide to say Hello in Thai and then I see something moving in the corner of the apartment. A woman lying on the floor waking up from her nap. My hello woke her up and she wakes up a bit confused and says all sorts of things in Thai. Oooppss, I woke her up from her nap and now I have to ask her in Thai if I can wash here. Like most Thais, this older lady is very friendly to me. Fortunately she understands that I want to wash my clothes, my Thai is not that bad after all haha.
These are different washing machines than I am used to, but the lady decides to help me. After a short explanation I understand how the machines work and the rest of the weeks that we stayed in Pluak Daeng I regularly did my laundry there.
The hotel staff provided me with a drying rack and hangers. Many thanks to all those lovely people helping me out.

Although there was little to do in the area, I had enough to do myself. Thai lessons, house hunting and we went to Bangkok for a day for Lodewijk’s work visa. The hotel also allowed me to swim in the pool and I really enjoyed that.
I always looked forward to having Lodewijk home from work. Together we went to the market to buy delicious food and drinks. Thai people really know how to cook.
We also found some really big avocados on the market so we made some delicious guacamole, yummmmyyyyy!

The weekend after Koh Samet we went to visit houses in the Chon Buri province and that wasn’t quite the succes haha. We’ve seen a partially rotted kitchen, gecko poo on beds and an apartment full of pink and gold Russian furniture.
Nooooo thank you. After the viewings we went to downtown Pattaya. I spent two weeks there in a quarantine hotel not been able to see anything of the city. We walk around a bit, took some pictures and decided to order Nachos at the Hard Rock Cafe (with Nacho in our minds).

The viewings also provided useful information. We now have an idea in which neighborhood we would like to live and that an apartment is also an option. With that information I continued my search and contacted Sabina from East Coast Real Estate. She came with a nice apartment in Jomtien, Pattaya and I went to see it with her. Lodewijk couldn’t come because he had to work. After the viewing I decided that this should be our apartment. Lodewijk agreed without seeing the place in person. After some negotiations with the landlord we came to an agreement on a Wednesday and the following Monday we could move into the apartment. Lodewijk and I are really looking forward to having our own place, but first a weekend in Bangkok.

From small to large haha

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