48 Hours in Bangkok

On a Friday I joined Lodewijk to his work. I met his colleagues and we had a BBQ together. A colleague of Lodewijk brought two marinated chickens for the BBQ, one spicy and one not so spicy. They prepared the chicken in a special way, see photos. Photos are cut from a video, because unfortunately I can’t post videos on the website so they’re not the best quality.
It’s nice to meet everyone at Brink and to practice my Thai a little bit because some colleagues don’t speak English.
After the working day the weekend kicks in and on to Baaaanggggkok!

Because of the two weeks of quarantine that you have to spend in a hotel, few or even no tourists come to Thailand.
As a result, hotels are empty and great offers can be found online. We Dutchies love offers haha so I booked a 5 star hotel at Bangkok, The SkyView Hotel.
In the evening we arrived at the hotel and bought some beer from the 7/11 and spent the rest of the evening in the room and went to bed early. Due to Covid-19 the restaurants and bars are only open for take-away, so no dining or dancing.
The next morning we went to get breakfast nearby and ate it at Benchasiri Park. It’s still early in the morning so the temperature is pleasant and the sun is rising slowly. I see a pond in the park full of swimming turtles and people feeding them. Of course I want that too, so I buy a bag of food at a stall and went feeding the turtles. After that we went to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Normally this market is crowded with people but I get the idea that we’re the only ones here.
The market has everything from pets to interior items to food. I dropped my eyes on a beautiful vase and bought it, something for our new apartment.
You will also see many artists painting in their booth and trying to sell their art, highly recommended to have a look.
After the market we went to the famous Lumpini Park. The park is one of the largest green spaces in Central Bangkok and its known for its monitor lizards. There are an estimated 400 Asian water monitor lizards, between one and three meters long, living in the Lumpini Park. The funny thing is that our apartment complex is also called Lumpini Park.
With that in mind, we went looking for these lizards, but I think they were playing hide and seek or something because they were hard to find. It was very hot that afternoon, but after a while we came across one, not one of 3 meters but a little smaller haha.

Spot the Monitor Lizard

After that I thought it would be fun to drive to the Khao San Road. Together with my travel buddy Julia we had unforgettable nights here, so let’s do a trip down memory lane. In the recent years this street has developed as the street for backpackers.
It’s crazy to walk around here in broad daylight, because I’ve only seen it by night. But it’s also strange to walk around here because there are no tourists at all due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the streets are empty. I still remember some bars and the tattoo shop where Julia and I got our first tattoo, never forget ;).
Lodewijk and I continued walking and suddenly we are in the middle of a shoot for a videoclip haha. We decided to go back to the hotel and get in the car only to end up in the middle of a protest. After about half an hour we managed to escape and drove back to the hotel. What a day :)!

The next morning we go to the park for some exercise, Lodewijk is running and I am walking haha. Before we check out at the hotel, I took a foot massage at the massage salon across the street. After checking out we’re heading for our Thai cooking class that we are both really excited about. Together with a nice American/Canadian couple we followed the cooking class. We cook 4 different dishes, all of which I forgot the name of (cookbook is somewhere at home) but oooohhh it was so delicious. With a beautiful sunset we drove ‘home’, heading to our last night in the hotel, because we’re moving tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

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