Bachelorette Party

I was definitely caught by surprise and what my friends pulled off that day was freakin’ amazing!!!!

What I knew that day was that Lodewijk would have his Bachelor Party and that I had to sneak him out of the house, so my brother and nephew can sneak in the house and kidnap Lodewijk once he got back home.
That morning I took Lodewijk to the HEMA because we had some ‘important’ stuff to buy for our wedding ;). On our way walking back home I got a message that my brother and nephew are waiting in the living room. I was sooooo excited but I had to play cool.
Lodewijk was the first to enter the apartment and went straight to the living room and there were Rahmon and Max. Lodewijk got a little uncomfortable and asked what they were doing here and how they came in. First Lodewijk had to take a COVID-19 test and when the result was negative they took him in the car and left. Lodewijk had no idea what was about to happen. That look on his face, haha!!

After Lodewijk left I brought Nacho to my parents because later that day I had a sleepover with two dear friends.
I’ve dropped Nacho off and meet with Willem Jan and together we cycled to Sally.
Once there she showed us her pimped toilet, she painted it pink/purple and showed it with pride. After that she asks me to open the door to the living room. And BOOOOMM: ”SUUUURRRPRISSSSEEEEEEE”.
I was completely in shock, happy and emotional. I never expected this.
I cried and hugged everybody in the room, some of them I just saw that week and I didn’t had a clue.
Then I got a necklace with all kinds of envelopes on it and I had to open envelope number 1. Assignment: I have to walk to the location where I first used my opening sentence. Which brought me lots of luck ;).
I think I might know where that is, how can I forget hehe. Once there I am told that I may look to the right >>> and there they are: the amazing e-choppers!!

I had an awesome day: riding the e-choppers with ‘Born to be Wild’ on the subwoofer and that song was on repeat for the whoooooleeee day, making a trip down memory lane in Groningen by doing assignments, eating, drinking and laughing out loud with the most amazing friends. Oo, and don’t forget my performance in the Noorderplantsoen which was crowded as hell haha. Later that day I got blindfolded, put in a car and we drove for about 20 minutes. When the blindfold went off I saw that we were at Gina’s place. We ate amazing Thai food, made dicks of clay and watched a personalized video with messages from my friends with videos and photo’s.

I can’t thank you enough. Grateful for such wonderful friends. 1LOVE.

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