Where it all started

Once upon a day at the beginning of 2021 there was this job offer for my boyfriend Lodewijk. If I say it like that it just sounds like a fairy tale, too good to be true.
That’s what we thought in the beginning. But it wasn’t, this was the real deal.
What was the real deal?

My boyfriend works for a towbar company in The Netherlands, that’s their main location. They also have locations in France, South Africa and Thailand.
Lodewijk has already held various positions within the company and also has experience in living abroad. It is no secret that Lodewijk reported to his company that he would like to work abroad. With the idea that this could happen in the far future, we never knew this offer came so fast.
The offer was to work in Thailand. Thailand is their newest location and has been running for about 3 years. The Managing Director is a Dutch employee who unfortunately wants to return to The Netherlands due to family circumstances.
And that’s where Lodewijk comes in. He got the offer to become a Managing Director of the location in Thailand. Lodewijk told his employer that he would like to discuss it with me and will come back to it after the weekend.
That Friday night we poured ourselves a large glas of red wine and we discussed the offer and our future.

We both realized that this would be a big step, a life changing moment.
Lodewijk wants me to join him to Thailand without me it’s not an option for him, he said. He also says that I will be the one who will sacrifice the most, but I don’t think it’s about who sacrifices the most it’s about the love for one and another.
Lodewijk deserves this big step in his career, even if that means I have to put my career aside (for the time being). Side note: I was about to lose my job and was going to start my own business. I can always start my own business later, Thailand was calling, this was a sign!

So we decided to do this!! We can always try and see how it goes (motto).
And that’s where it all started……………
Forgot to mention: Due to Thai legislation it’s mandatory that I need to be placed on Lodewijk’s work permit to receive a long term residence for Thailand. And for that we have to get MARRIED! More about that later in another blog.

Lots of love,

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