Getting married

Lodewijk and I have known each other for almost 5 years. The first time we met was at my apartment in Groningen. Actually that’s a lie, because the first time we met was on Tinder. How a match on Tinder can go to a relationship, a marriage and last but not least moving abroad. Getting married is not something we would think of, neither of us wanted to get married, but we’re happy to make an exception for this adventure ;).

Somewhere around the end of February it all went really fast, from that moment on we were on a rollercoaster.
Normally, the run-up to move abroad takes about a year and also what we had counted on, but we were asked to do it within 4 months. 4 Months?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
We had to arrange a wedding in times of Covid-19, visa and other documents, sell/rent my apartment, move stuff by cargo boat, finish work, etc.
Because I still had to close things around my work, those 4 months were not feasible for me. We decided that I would leave later for Thailand.

Arranging a wedding in times of Covid-19 is not easy but certainly not impossible. We often had to adjust our plans but the end result of that day couldn’t be better!
We were allowed to invite 30 people to the ceremony, but we decided to invite
25 people all close friends and family.
The night before the wedding I’d stayed at my parents place, where I grew up, with my dearest friend Melany. We drank wine together with my parents, reminisce some time and had so much fun together. It was a very special evening. In the morning my hair and make up were done by the wonderful Marieke de Vet (Milook) and Melany helped me put on my jumpsuit.
Oh my, I felt so beautiful!
From that moment on all I had to do was wait for Lodewijk to come and get me and when that moment came it was very special and intimate.
The ceremony itself was very special, emotional and unique.
Because getting married is not our thing and we’re moving abroad, we’ve decided to do things a bit different and personally welcome everyone and say something to them that we normally won’t say.
The rest of that day might have been even more special.

A big thank you to everyone who was there or helped making this day unforgettable!

These beautiful pictures were taken by Floor Metiarij, photography_byfloor on Instagram, go check her out!

Lots of love,

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